Employment Readiness

Looking for work? The ACS Employment Readiness Program is designed to help US ID card holders minimize the employment problems associated with frequent relocations. Follow these simple steps to employment:

1. Sign Up for Weekly Job Updates. This weekly e-mail provides a timely snapshot of all job opportunities for US ID card holders within a 100 kilometer radius of USAG Bamberg.

2. Download the Newcomer’s Employment Orientation Guide here. This guide provides a general overview of the nuts-and-bolts of job hunting for US ID card holders new to the Franconia region of Germany.

3. Register for Classes. A variety of job related classes are offered each month on topics such as job search strategies, résumé’ writing, and interview preparation. To find out which classes are coming up, call us at 0951-300-7777. Or send an email with the subject line “Request ERP Calendar” to: bamberg-acs-er@eur.army.mil.

4. Get one-on-one assistance! Visit ACS (Building #7029) Thursdays and Fridays from 14:00 to 16:30 for Employment Readiness Program open-door hours. Walk-ins are welcome on a first-come, first-serve basis.

5. Questions? Visit the ACS Facebook page or send e-mail an with the subject line “Employment Questions” to: bamberg-acs-er@eur.army.mil.