Financial Readiness Program (FRP)

1. The ACS FRP is a program designed to enhance Mission, Soldiers, and Family Readiness by provide the financial tools, education, and awareness to all Soldiers, Family Members, DA Civilians, and retirees in the community. The program provides assistant to help deal with everyday financial issues, crisis, and deployment matters. The program is a commander’s tool to establish sound financial practices and responsibility through financial education, training, counseling, and referral procedures. In addition to financial readiness matters, debt management and credit counseling, the FRP provides consumer counseling and mediation for consumer skills. Monthly and quarterly classes are offer to all eligible ID card holders (See the FMWR monthly brochure for the date and time of the scheduled classes). The overall objectives are to enhance and maintain mission readiness and improve the quality of life.

2. Monthly Classes are offering for Soldiers, Family Members, DOD Emplyees in the following areas:
a) Debt & Credit – Credit Report/Maintaining Security Clearance
b) Checking & Banking Class
c) Investments & Saving/TSP-U
d) Home Loan
e) Insurance Class
f) Consumer Rights Class – Active Duty Alert

3. IAW AR 608-1 paragraph 4-38c and 4-39 First-Term/Initial-Term Soldiers are required to receive 8 hours of personal financial management readiness training. All Soldiers during In-processing at the Central Processing Station will be screened. Soldiers will be schedule for the mandatory training or will be register for the on-line course at Notification to attend the First-Term/Initial Term Training will be sent to Commanders and 1SGs within 30 days of arrival for Soldiers to attend the training.

4. The Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance Program (FSSA) was authorized and enacted by Congress in 2001.This is a voluntary program that increases BAS by an amount not to exceed $1,100 per month effective 1 February 2010. Eligibility is based on household size and total income. Prescreening for FSSA eligibility is process by the Financial Readiness Program and an annual recertification is required for all participants receiving an entitlement in February of the current calendar year.

Army Emergency Relief (AER)

AER offers emergency financial assistance (i.e. vehicle repair, emergency travel, food & necessities). AER does not cover non-essential needs (i.e. credit card bills, etc). Cases are reviewed individually and need is determined on a case-by-case basis. Information is also available for spouse’s education scholarship and the Major James Ursano Scholarship for children.