Family and MWR - Outdoor Recreation (ODR)


Located next to the Community Mailroom, ODR is a one-stop shop for outdoor recreation equipment and trips for the USAG Bamberg community. ODR's trained staff can point you in the right direction for your outdoor needs, whether you are a beginner or experienced. Go big with ODR! Ski and Snowboard Equipment Maintenance, Snowboard Pants, Helmets and Jackets available! If you are interested in kayaking, canoeing, climbing, ski/snowboarding, hiking, camping or biking, then ODR is the place for you. Bamberg ODR offers activities for all levels. Trips can be booked and paid online HERE. Alternatively you can check the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort website and their offerings HERE.

Download the latest ODR Trip list here!

Did you know that Soldiers and their Families can get a free pass to visit more than 2,000 national parks, forests and wildlife refuges?

Rental Items Available at ODR

Camping Gear

Rental Item Price per Day Price per Weekend Price per Week
Kayak or Canoe Package $25 $35 -
Extra Paddle $5 $7 -
Mountain Bike $15 $25 $45
Tent (2 Person) $10 $20 $30
Tent (3-4 Person) $15 $25 $35
Tent (5, 6 or 7 Person) $20 $35 $45
Sleeping Bag $5 $7 $15
Back Back $5 $10 $15
Cooler $5 $7 $15
Sleeping Pad $2 $3 $8
Caving Helmet $10 $20 $45
2 Burner Camp Stove (w/o propane canister) $3 $5 $12
Imbiss Wagon $30 $45 -

Party Equipment

10 x 10 Canopy $15 $25 -
Fest Set (Table and 2 Benches) $7 $10 -
Dunk Tank $35 $50 -
Trailer Grill $20 $30 -
Santa Claus Suit $25 - -
Horse Shoes, Tug-o-War Rope Free

Winter Equipment

Snow Shoes $10 $20 $45
Full Ski or Snowboard Package $21 $40 $80
Pair od Skis or Snowboard with Bindings $17 $27 $52
Ski or Snowboard Boots $10 $17 $32
Ski Poles or Snowboard Bindings $6 $12 $20
Pants $6 $8 $16
Jacket $6 $8 $16
Helmet $5 - -

Rentals must be paid for at time of reservation. Late fees will be charged for items not brought back on their due-date.

Rental Pricelist PDF available here

Ski / Snowboard Equipment Maintenance Service Fees

Snowboard Binding Mounting $10
Binding Testing / Adjustment $10
Base Repair $15
Edge Sharpening $12
Hot Wax $15
Full Tune with Base Grind $25
Deluxe Hand Tune $30
Extensive Repairs are priced specially

ODR Bamberg Mission: 

Increase the effectiveness of the Army by maintaining the morale, mental and physical fitness of Army personnel, their Families and other members of the USAG Bamberg with a comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Program.
Develop comprehensive ODR activities for members of USAG Bamberg by efficiently managing, maintaining and using available land and ODR resources.
Provide training and instruction in basic and advanced ODR techniques.
Encourage lifetime participation in programs which contribute to physical and mental fitness through contact with the natural environment.
Promote opportunities for USAG Bamberg members to become involved in programs that promote a cultural exchange and or experience of the host nations' customs and culture (Experience Europe)


ODR Hours of Operation

Mon.-Fri. 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
DSN 469-9376
Bldg. 7116