Automated Time Attendance and Production System (ATAAPS)

System Access

• All IMA Appropriated Fund DA Civilians will record their own T&A through the ATAAPS website.

- It is the intended use of the web-based system
- Reduce paper retention – if T&A is recorded, concurred and certified in the system, there is no need to print and maintain a manual timesheet for 6 years.
- Employees will be more cognizant of the functions and tasks they worked on and more apt to charge labor to the correct Service Support Program (SSP), when actually faxed with those choices on the screen. SSP costs may be lost if T&A is recorded on a manual timesheet that is not constantly updated to reflect new APCs.

• Garrisons were directed by the CLS initiative to account for their costs (to include labor) in their SSP. ATAAPS enables that labor cost to be captured at the source.

• Garrison Commanders may decide whether to have individuals enter their own T&A or to have central timekeepers record T&A and labor costs for an organization.

• Garrison Commanders are responsible to ensure that a manual process exists for employees to report their detailed labor costs by SSP in sections where central timekeeping is allowed.

Links and Other Information

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ATAPPS User Orientation
Access Request DD2875
DD2875 Example
ATAAPS Certifier Training

Super User Contact Information

DHR DSN: 469-7713 CIV: 0951-300-7713

RMO DSN: 469-8748 CIV: 0951-300-8748