• The illustration below this paragraph is the “Home-Based Business (HBB)” section (p. 28 & 29) from Army in Europe Regulation 210-70, “On-Post Commercial Solicitation,” dated 5 July 2010.

• It is the customer’s (ID card holder’s) responsibility to ensure that her or his HBB packet has all documents and conforms to this section in the regulation.

• The customer’s HBB packet is reviewed by the installation Law Center to determine “legal sufficiency” - if portions of the plan are missing or if something is incorrect, it will delay the approval process.

• The regulation requires original signatures in some instances - please personally drop off your completed packet at one of the two ASD (Admin Services) offices (room 210 or 211) in the Human Resources Directorate on the second floor of the Garrison headquarters building (bldg. 7089):

AE Reg 210-70 ● 5 Jul 10

19. APPLICATIONS TO OPERATE A HOME-BASED BUSINESS Individuals may not operate an HBB in Government-owned or -leased quarters until they have received written approval to do so from the garrison commander. An individual who wishes to operate an HBB must submit, as a minimum, the following documents to the local ICAO at least 30 days before beginning operations:

a. A signed letter requesting permission to operate an HBB in Government-owned or -leased quarters (fig F-1). The individual requesting permission to operate an HBB must be the person who will actually operate the HBB; a family member, for example, may not apply to operate an HBB that will actually be run by another individual. The request must include the proposed name of the business, address, telephone number, type of business, service or goods offered for sale, proposed methods of contacting customers and advertising, and how services will be conducted. Only an original ink signature is acceptable.

b. A signed copy of AE Form 210-70A.

c. If the HBB will offer goods or services for sale on the installation, two current passport-size photographs of the individual who will operate the HBB.

d. The individual’s HN tax identification number (for example, a Steuernummer in Germany) and a copy of all other required HN tax documents.

e. Documentation (for example, a copy from the Handelsregister in Germany) to show that the individual is properly registered, if required, in the HN.

f. One copy of any retail or installment contracts that will be used during commercial solicitation. All retail and installment contracts used on Army installations must be in English and must include a cancellation clause, placed prominently and written in bold print or other distinctive marking. The cancellation clause must state— The buyer may cancel the contract within 14 days after the date of the contract without penalty or obligation. The contract must be canceled by giving written notice to [insert name and address of the commercial enterprise or self-employed vendor] by mail, telegram, or personal delivery. Mailing the cancellation notice within 14 days meets the conditions of this term.

g. A catalog or list of goods and services offered by the vendor along with a description of the goods and services, accurate photographs of goods offered for sale, and a price list for all goods and services.

h. From family members of the U.S. Forces only, a photocopy of a valid passport and a photocopy of the SOFA identification certificate. Family members of U.S. Forces must have a valid SOFA identification certificate in their passports to process their application.

i. From HN residents only, a current HN ID card (for example, a Reisepass or Personalausweis in Germany) and a valid national ID for noncitizens who reside and solicit in the HN and in addition a copy of the residency permit (for example, an Aufenthaltstitel in Germany) if required. NOTE: Dependents of Soldiers or members of the civilian component do not need a residence permit.

j. Copies of all other permits or licenses, if any, required by HN law (for example, a Reisegewerbekarte, which is a permit to conduct business without a permanent local office in Germany). If local HN authorities (for example, the Stadtverwaltung or Gewerbeamt in Germany) are required by HN law to issue statements of exemption, a copy of this document must be provided. Any permit, license, or statement of exemption must clearly identify the individual, the goods or services sold, and whether the permit, license, or statement of exemption applies only to sales made to U.S. Forces members or their family members.

k. A signed statement that no modifications will be made to Government-owned or -leased quarters or an explanation of proposed modifications. If modifications are proposed, the statement must include the following:

(1) An engineering evaluation of the proposed modifications obtained at the individual’s expense.

(2) Acknowledgement that the proposed modifications will be completed at the individual’s expense.

(3) Acknowledgement that the individual will pay any maintenance costs resulting from the modifications.

(4) Acknowledgement that the individual is responsible for removing the modifications before vacating the quarters.

l. If provided for by HN law, a statement of good conduct (for example, a Führungszeugnis in Germany) dated not more than 90 days before the date of the application.

m. Soldiers and DOD, DA, and NAFI employees requesting permission to operate an HBB must include a memorandum from their commander or supervisor authorizing outside employment.

Questions may be emailed to the Primary or Alternate Commercial Affairs Officer.