• Reproduction requests must contain a minimum of 500 total copies (each side of a sheet of paper is one “copy”); requests of less than 500 copies will be reproduced on an office copier, as it is more cost effective.
• To request reproduction, email USAG Bamberg Reproduction a completed printing and duplication request form and the digital file for the product that needs to be reproduced (e.g., PDF or Word file) (printing and duplication request - example; sample product file).
• Normal turn-around time for a reproduction request is 15-30 days, unless the request involves large quantities or special reproduction service.
• Color ink is authorized only for fire- or safety-related products.
• All products will be reproduced in the most cost-effective method possible IAW Army in Europe Regulation 25-30 (for example, reproduction will always be printed on both sides of a piece of a paper).
• No unauthorized printing or reproduction will be allowed; to include:
   o Reproduction of field manuals or other doctrinal guides.
   o Forms that are available electronically or that may be ordered.
   o Locally designed noncommissioned officer creeds, leader notebooks, job books, promotion study guides, or similar publications.
   o Material available on the Internet.
   o Copyrighted material.
   o Phonebooks.
   o Documents that require fewer than 500 copies for the entire product (reference: AE Reg 25-30; 21, a, [8]).
• Privacy Act (PA) and Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) guidelines will be adhered to during all reproduction activities.


Office Location:
Warner Barracks
Postal Service Center
Official Mailroom (Reproduction)
Bldg. 7116 (by the Food Court)

Email the USAG Bamberg Reproduction Manager