Records Management



• Directorates, agencies, and units will ensure their internal record-keeping complies with AR and AER 25-400-2.
• To request access to the Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS) web site – refer to this ARIMS Quick Reference for instruction (request sponsorship if necessary).
• To request a User Role – click on Account Admin – Access Request → – User Role Change Request - and request a role as either Records Coordinator or Actions Officer (email USAG Bamberg Records Manager to determine which role, if necessary).
• To request an assistance visit, directorate or agency representatives may email the USAG Bamberg Records Manager.
• To receive a prioritized assistance visit, representatives may email a completed AR/AER 25-400-2 Records Management Checklist (self-assessment; Word or PDF format) to the USAG Bamberg Records Manager.
• Tenant military units should coordinate with their unit higher headquarters to determine ARIMS roles and other record-keeping requirements.


• In addition to items noted on the Records Management Checklist, organizations must:
   o Maintain a filing system in a central location within their office area.
   o Identify records as short-term in order to Keep in a filing area (files designated as K files).
   o Identify records as long-term in order to Transfer the files to the Army in Europe Records Holding Area (AERHA) (files designated as T files).
   o Determine record instructions to establish an approved (online) office records list (ORL; one ORL is allowed per office symbol, per fiscal year).
   o Correctly label all records within their filing areas (creating “folders,” otherwise known as file labels, requires Avery Label 5161 or an equivalent label to print from the PDF labels at the ARIMS web site).


 K 1n1 Accountable Mail Files: Office mail controls -            (10)
 Accountable mail receipts
 Destroy in CFA when 2 years old.

   o Correctly transfer or retire all paper records via required form SF 135, or required form AE Form 25-400-2A. (national stock number for official record containers is 8115-00-117-8249).
   o Correctly transfer or retire all electronic records; contact USAG Bamberg Records Manager for instruction for electronic record disposition.
• Privacy Act (PA) and Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) guidelines will be adhered to during all record-keeping activities.


Email the USAG Bamberg Records Manager