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Government Housing Overview
General Guidelines

You are eligible for Army Family Housing if you are on a with-family-member tour (3-year-tour) or are part of the Army married couples program and meet the required tour length requirement for a "with dependents" tour.
Required Documents
  • One (1) complete set of orders
  • Copy of DA form 31 (leave form)
Bedroom Authorization and Grade Category
1. You will be assigned quarters with 1 bedroom per accompanying child and a bedroom for you and your spouse.

   a. Government-controlled quarters are allocated to the following categories and bedroom requirements:

      Junior Enlisted E1-E4, 2 bedrooms.
      Junior Enlisted E1-E4, 3 bedrooms.
      Junior Enlisted E1-E4, 4 bedrooms.

      Junior NCO E5-E6, 2 bedrooms.
      Junior NCO E5-E6, 3 bedrooms.
      Junior NCO E5-E6, 4 bedrooms.

      Senior NCO, 3 bedrooms.
      Senior NCO, 4 bedrooms.

      Company Grade Officers, 2 bedrooms.
      Company Grade Officers, 3 bedrooms.
      Company Grade Officers, 4 bedrooms.

      Field Grade Officers, E9 and key & essential personnel, 4 bedrooms.

   b. All Junior Enlisted E1-E4 with 1-4 bedroom requirement: Will be assigned Government-controlled quarters on-post when available. If housing is not projected to be available within 60 days, the Soldier has the option to accept a certificate of nonavailability (CNA) to seek off-post private rental housing. Personnel will automatically be issued a CNA if housing availability is projected to exceed 90 days.

   c. All key and essential (K&E) personnel will be assigned to Government-controlled housing within the available inventory.

   d. All other grade categories with 1-4 bedroom requirement: Will be assigned Government-controlled quarters when available. If housing is not projected to be available within 60 days, a certificate of nonavailability (CNA) will be issued and the Soldier must seek off-post private rental housing.

2. Remarks: Above Housing policy was established based on instructions outlined in Memorandum USAREUR, AEACG, subject: Housing Assignment Policy for the Army in Europe, dated 14 Jun 11.
Waiting List
Upon application you will be placed on the waiting list with the eligibility date of date departed last permanent duty station provided you apply within 30 days after arrival. If you have to extend, reenlist, or change your tour from an "All-Others" tour to a "With-Family-Members" tour, your eligibility date will be the date of request of this action provided you apply within 30 days of such approval.
For “Waiting List Information” and “Estimated Waiting Times” visit the AHOUS webpage at https://www.housing.army.mil/ah/Default.aspx, select “Bamberg”, and then “Waiting List”.
Housing Areas
Bamberg has 2 on-post housing areas (Flynn Housing Area and Pines Housing Area) and several Leased Housing areas. Leased Housing consists of buildings leased from German landlords by the Government on a long term basis and are considered Government-controlled quarters just like the on-post quarters. Some Leased Housing is located in Bamberg, some in small towns surrounding Bamberg, and one Leased Housing Area is located on the installation.

Housing Assignment Policy

Effective 16 January 2007, Military personnel with command sponsored family members in the Army in Europe will be assigned to Government Family Housing. Only when adequate Government Family Housing cannot be provided within a reasonable period (thirty days) may service members be permitted to seek private rental housing on the economy.


Incoming Temporary Lodging Allowance

  • • 1. Families arriving on concurrent travel (all grades) or single soldiers in grades of E7 and above and O1 and above are entitled to temporary lodging allowance (TLA) upon their arrival. You have to aggressively seek Private Rental Housing to maintain your TLA entitlement, unless Government quarters are projected to become available within 60 days after arrival.
  • • 2. Approval Authority for incoming TLA:
    1. a. Initial 30 days TLA: Designated Housing Customer Service Personnel
    2. b. 31-60 days TLA: Chief, Housing Division
    3. c. Excess of 60 days TLA: Soldiers requiring TLA in excess of 60 days must initiate and submit extension requests no later than on the 45th day. Requests will include PCS Orders, certificate of non-availability of quarters, and company/battalion commander's assurance that command responsibilities (AER 37-4,para 4) have been met. Requests must include supporting letters from the company and battalion commanders. Battalion commander's supporting letter is not required when accompanied with a projected housing date. Extension requests will be forwarded to the local Housing Office and submitted through the USAG Commander to USAREUR DCS G1, MPPD, MILPAY Policy.

    TLA Information-Sheet   Acrobat File Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader



If you decline adequate quarters your name will be removed from the waiting list. You may reapply for Government-controlled quarters. The date of eligibility will then be the date of reapplication. If you draw temporary lodging allowance (TLA) at the time, the entitlement will be stopped effective the day the quarters would have been available for assignment.

Exception to policy
Requests for exception to policy (ETP) need to be submitted to the Housing Office by the soldier or family member with supporting letters from the Company and Battalion Commander and addressed to the Cdr, USAG Bamberg. Requests based on medical conditions must additionally be supported by a memorandum from the Commander of the Bamberg Health Clinic. A copy of the Commander's Policy concerning ETPs is available at the Housing Office. Upon receipt of the completed request, the Housing Office prepares a decision paper staffed through the DPW, USAG CSM and USAG Deputy Commander to the USAG Commander. After the USAG Commander has made his decision, the paperwork will be returned to the Housing Office who in turn will contact the soldier to inform him of the decision made.
Occupancy of Government housing
Even though your quarters are not your permanent home, please treat them as such. Take special care of them until you depart and leave them in a condition that the next occupant will be able to make them their home, also. You will be held liable for any damages caused by you, your family members or guests.
Relocating from Government Quarters to Government Quarters
When your rank or your family size changes and you are eligible for another category or bedroom size, you may reapply for other Government housing. Moves of such nature are at your convenience and the moving expenses will not be paid by the Government. Quarters vacated need to be cleared within three (3) working days.
Termination of Quarters
Please contact us 1 to 2 months prior to your DEROS to schedule a pre-termination inspection. A Quarters Inspector will inspect your quarters for necessary maintenance. Upon receipt of your confirmed flight date and your final out-processing appointment please schedule your termination inspection. At the termination inspection the Quarters Inspector will inspect the quarters and the Government furniture you may have for accountability and damages. Contract Cleaning will be performed on Government expense for all PCS/ETS moves.
Outgoing Temporary Lodging Allowance
Command sponsored families (all grades) or single soldiers in grades of E7 and above and O1 and above are entitled to out-going temporary lodging allowance (TLA). The normal entitlement is 1 to 3 days when occupying Government Quarters. When circumstances beyond the soldier's control mandate exceptions, the Chief Housing Division may authorize soldiers occupying Government controlled quarters up to 5 days TLA, and soldiers with command sponsored family residing in Private Rental Housing (PRH) up to 10 days TLA. Requests for 6 to 10 days TLA will be forwarded for the Chief Housing Division approval. Requests from soldiers residing in Government controlled Housing or PRH requiring 11 days TLA or more will be forwarded from the USAG Housing Office, through the USAG Commander, to USAREUR DCS G1, MPPD, MILPAY Policy. Requests must be filed at the earliest possible date, 14-30 days out.
Average Size of Government Controlled Quarters
  2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms 4 Bedrooms
sqm sqft sqm sqft sqm sqft
Government owned Quarters 80-103 861-1109 92-132 990-1421 107-125 1152-1346
Leased Quarters 71-115 764-1238 91-149 980-1604 127-152 1367-1636