Business Operations & Integration: Service Orders
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Work / Service Orders DURING DUTY HOURS
Mon-Fri 0730-1200, 1230-1600
Bldg 7114
Room 105
DSN 469-5000
Mon-Fri 1600-0730
Bamberg Fire Station
Tel. 115 (on post)
0951-300-115 (off post)

Appliance Repairs
( Housing and UPH )
Mon-Fri 0730-1200, 1230-1600
Bldg 7123
Room 102 or 103
Tel. DSN 469-8688

Community Housing Coordinator Phone: DSN 469-7946
Building 7114
Room 201

In Case of Fire Call ON POST

Service Orders are requests which normally require maintenance beyond the occupant's capability to accomplish by self-help. These jobs are accomplished on a priority basis 1, 2, or 3. The Government has established specific criteria by which priorities are determined and the priorities are assigned by our Customer Service and Work Reception Office at the time of your call.

  • Priority 1 - Emergency Work. Response within 1 hour, or sooner if possible.
  • Priority 2 - Urgent Work. Response within 7 days, or sooner if workload permits.
  • Priority 3 - Routine Work. Response as soon as possible.

Please, be as descriptive and specific of the problem as possible so that the allocation of time and material can be identified, logged and passed on to the maintenance personnel.

All work is accomplished during normal duty days. Appointments are scheduled in advance in order to allow you adequate time to arrange your personal schedule.

Changes, or simply breaking an appointment can lead to confusion and loss of productivity. We will try our best to be in time, but you should allow 1/2 hour leadway on either side of your scheduled appointment.