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Department of Energy
Weekly Energy Saving Tip

Using less hot water will preserve energy and save on costs.

Find out more ways to to be more energy efficient at ENERGYSAVERS.GOV
Suicide Prevention
Suicide is not an acceptable option for Soldiers. The slogan “Army Strong” includes mental and spiritual strength along with physical strength. There are many ways to get past failed relationships or other events that may cause Soldiers to consider suicide as an option.  Soldiers can rely on spiritual faith and behavioral health resources to help learn new coping skills to get through difficult times.

USAG Bamberg Suicide Prevention Hotline:
DSN: 118, Off post or cell phone: 0951-300-118

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I.A.M. Strong
I.A.M. STRONG is the Army's campaign to combat sexual assaults by engaging all Soldiers in preventing sexual assaults before they occur.

Bamberg Sexual Assault Program

24/7 Victim Support Service Numbers:
- Sexual Harassment and Assault Program / Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SHARP/SARC) 09641 834567
- Army One Source: 00-800-4648-1077


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