Community Resources Guide

Community Safety

Div/Dept: American Red Cross (ARC)
Service(s): Children Rearing: Education and Training
Description: Specialized Baby sitter's course to develop skills in leadership, safety and safe play, basic care, first aid and professionalism.
Target Audience: All ID card holders
Schedule: Call for more information
Fees: $25
Length: 8 hours
Contact Info: Bldg 7029, Rm. 215 Warner Barracks
DSN: 469-1760
CIV: 0951-300-1760

Div/Dept: Safety Office
Service(s): Training and Consultations
Description: Safety Training and Inspections on occupational safety and health, respiratory protection, ammunitions and explosives, ranges, office, hazard communication, accident and investigation, and privately owned vehicles.
Target Audience: Active Duty, Civilians, and Local Nationals
Contact Info: Bldg 7089, Rm. 325, Warner Barracks
DSN: 469-1670
CIV: 0951-300-1670