Community Resources Guide


Div/Dept: Army Community Service (ACS)
Service(s): Military Family Life Consultants (MFLC)
Description: Consultants are licensed, clinical providers who provide problem-solving suggestions and support. Meeting with a MFLC is completely confidential. They can provide help in person on or off post. Support is not limited to one-on-one; MFLCs will also meet with couples, families, or larger groups.
Target Audience: Active Duty, Family Members, DA Civilians, Retirees
Schedule: Call to schedule an appointment
CIV: 0174-147-6831

Div/Dept: Chaplain Service (CH)
Service(s): Counseling
Description: Identify typical signs of a suicidal person and means of assisting them. Enable soldiers to recognize and overcome suicidal conditions in themselves and others
Target Audience: Active Duty, Family Members, and Civilians
Contact Info: Bldg 7040 Warner Barracks
DSN: 469-1570
CIV: 0951-300-1570

Div/Dept: Health Clinic (HC)
Service(s): Screening and Therapy
Description: Our service is designed to treat the active duty soldier, their family members, retirees and other citizens employed in a support capacity by the Department of Defense.
Target Audience: AD, Family Members, Retirees, CIV, LN
Schedule: Call for appt
Contact Info: Bldg 7334 Warner Barracks
DSN: 469-1750
CIV: 0951-300-1750

Div/Dept: Social Work Services (SWS)
Service(s): Depression: Supportive Counseling
Description: Supportive counseling to enable families to resolve conflicts, strengthen communication, reduce marital discord, strengthen parental roles, prevent family violence and provide necessary coping skills in regard to deployment issues.
Target Audience: Two parent families, single parent families and blended families
Schedule: Call for appointment
Contact Info: Bldg 7253 Warner Barracks
DSN: 469-7793
CIV: 0951-300-7793