Community Resources Guide


Div/Dept: Army Education Center, Directorate of Human Resources (DHR)
Service(s): Educational Counseling, DANTES and Army Personnel Testing, Army Learning Center access
Description: Educational experience
Target Audience: Soldiers, family members, all other authorized civilians
Fees: Education Center charges no fees, all services provided to active duty without charge. DANTES tests cost from $120.00 to $300.00 for civilians
Length: Varies
Contact Info: Bldg. 7047, 3rd floor, Warner Barracks
DSN: 469-7715
CIV: 0951-300-7715

Div/Dept: CYSS School Liaison Officer (SLO)
Service(s): Information and Referral services for families and youth age kindergarten-12th grade
Description: Serve as a support proponent for providing information to soldiers and families with school age youth on school programs, curriculum, Special Needs, and additional transition related services.
Target Audience: Active Duty, Family Members, DA Civilians, Retirees, Local Nationals.
Schedule: Monthly and weekly in and out processing briefings and as needed
Location: Bldg 7669
DSN: 469- 7891
CIV: 0951-300- 7891

Div/Dept: Department of Defense Education Activity

Bamberg Elementary School
DSN: 469-7616
CIV: 0951-300-7616

Bamberg Middle High School
Contact Info: Warner Barracks, Bldg 7643
DSN: 469-8874
CIV: 0951-32316