Community Resources Guide

Oral & Dental Health

Div/Dept: Dental Clinic (DENTAC)
Service(s): Screening and Treatment
Description: Multiple Health Concerns, Screenings and Counseling for proper dental hygiene
Target Audience: Active Duty, Family Members, Civilians, and Retirees
Schedule: Call for appointment
Contact Info: Bldg 7334 Warner Barracks
DSN: 469-1720
CIV: 0951-300-1720

Div/Dept: Women, Infants, & Children (WIC)
Service(s): Class and Consultation
Description: Provides information to Family members on proper dental hygiene for children.
Target Audience: Soldiers, Family Members, and Civilians
Schedule: Call for an appointment
Contact Info: Bldg 7029, Rm. 111 Warner Barracks
DSN: 469-7913
CIV: 0951-300-7913