Community Resources Guide

Teen Issues

Div/Dept: Adolescent Substance Abuse Counseling Service (ASACS)
Service(s): Individual and Support Group
Description: Individual, group and family therapy for teens 13-18 who have issues related to alcohol or drug use. Provide prevention services for issues like anger, stress, self-esteem issues and grief and loss.
Target Audience: 12-18 youth Family Members
Contact Info: Bldg 7643- Bamberg High School, Warner Barracks
DSN: 469-8874
CIV: 0951-32316

Div/Dept: Social Work Services (SWS)
Service(s): Counseling
Description: Counseling services are available to families with a focus on problems exhibited by children including depression, anxiety, school problems, deployment issues, and anger. General counseling services are offered in the Social Work Department and services are coordinated with EDIS and Mental Health. Through the Family Advocacy component of SWS counseling services are also offered to children who are abuse/neglect victims.
Target Audience: AD, FM
Schedule: Call for appointment
Contact Info: Bldg 7253 Warner Barracks
DSN: 469-7793
CIV: 0951-300-7793